This was an experience I will never forget. Out of sheer interest I knew quite a few things about sharks, and I had some experience scuba diving with different sharks species. But during the theoretical sessions Yago and Clara (the founders of the project) taught us so much more there is to know about shark behavior, conservation, how to interact with them under water etc. The practical sessions where we did scuba diving and snorkeling with whale sharks, bull sharks and the elusive smooth hammerhead shark were all incredible. Apart from that Clara and Yago were there day and night for us to make sure we had a comfortable stay, we could basically ask anything (and yes there were endless questions about sharks, marine life and what not). We had great dinners, drinks, chats and beach patrols looking for sharks, and just some good fun all the way with a cool group of people who were very like-minded. Even more so friendships were made and we are in contact to this day. So if you’re interested in sharks and marine life in general, you want to do your part in shark conservation, work together with truly dedicated marine biologists, get field experience, like scuba diving and snorkeling with big marine animals, learn about shark behavior and different species, and just travel and enjoy the beautifull Baja Californa Sur take part in The Shark Odyssey!
— Jan Van Doren, 30