My time spent in La Paz with The Shark Odyssey was nothing short of amazing. From snorkeling with whale sharks to diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park, every day was an adventure. It is hard to choose which was my favorite part but I think it is a tie between whale shark surveys & our two dives at Espiritu Santo Island. Whale sharks are the largest species of shark yet are so incredibly gentle and docile. We spent three wonderful days swimming with them in the Bay of La Paz & it never got old, nor do I suspect it ever would. Many were indifferent to our presence and allowed us to follow and observe them closely as they swam and feasted on the massive amounts of plankton in the water. The day we spent diving off of Espiritu Santo Island was incredible. For the first time in my life, I saw nudibranchs and had the opportunity to swim with sea lions. Baja California is a beautiful part of Mexico, one I had never been to before, and one I hope to someday return to. The combination of mountains, desert, and sea is stunning. I would highly recommend volunteering with The Shark Odyssey to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to travel, swim and dive in amazing places, and help contribute to the marine science community
— Jacqui Seitter, 24