Thank you SURFER RULE magazine for featuring our work in your on-line magazine! We had the pleasure to share our work during an interview with SURFER RULE. The outcome of the interview resulted in a series of articles that will be periodically shared by SURFER RULE magazine.

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Bachelor degree thesis


The Shark Odyssey has been deeply involved in the elaboration of the following Bachelor degree thesis authored by the student Sara Álvaro Berlanga from Vic University (UVic- UCC): "Study of the elasmobranch  (Cl. Chondrichtyes) fish community in Cocos Island (Costa Rica) by recreational diving."

Click here to download a copy of the manuscript in Spanish.



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My time spent in La Paz with The Shark Odyssey was nothing short of amazing. From snorkeling with whale sharks to diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park, every day was an adventure. It is hard to choose which was my favorite part but I think it is a tie between whale shark surveys & our two dives at Espiritu Santo Island. Whale sharks are the largest species of shark yet are so incredibly gentle and docile. We spent three wonderful days swimming with them in the Bay of La Paz & it never got old, nor do I suspect it ever would. Many were indifferent to our presence and allowed us to follow and observe them closely as they swam and feasted on the massive amounts of plankton in the water. The day we spent diving off of Espiritu Santo Island was incredible. For the first time in my life, I saw nudibranchs and had the opportunity to swim with sea lions. Baja California is a beautiful part of Mexico, one I had never been to before, and one I hope to someday return to. The combination of mountains, desert, and sea is stunning. I would highly recommend volunteering with The Shark Odyssey to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to travel, swim and dive in amazing places, and help contribute to the marine science community
— Jacqui Seitter, 24

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Having had the opportunity to be in The Shark Odyssey’s citizen science program was truly a one of a kind experience. I’ve learned a lot during these two weeks and I think what makes this program so special is that it combines tourism with science and conservation. As volunteers, we had the opportunity to not only interact with sharks, mobula rays, sea lions, and countless marine life, but also received lectures about their biology, behaviour, as well as preservation issues and current research methodology. Being face to face with these creatures in their natural habitats made me realize that a lot of the times, people have preconceived notions about them that are not accurate, and that we should look at the evidence before making any judgements.
— Pablo Madrigal, 21

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Every day is a new adventure and learning experience. From day one it is a privilege to embark on the journey of studying and contributing to ongoing research being carried out by The Shark Odyssey team. You are transported to many sublime and stunning locations in and around La Paz, to collect data, record sightings and observe a variety of shark species.
At the same time you get to scuba dive & snorkel at some of the best dive sights in the Gulf of California & the Pacific ocean. It’s amazing.
As a volunteer with The Shark Odyssey, you will meet a variety of operators, researches & locals who are all working towards the conservation & greater awareness of sharks. There are so many sight you will want to return to again & again. I urge you to come to La Paz & volunteer with The Shark Odyssey.
— Samatha Newton, 44


This was an experience I will never forget. Out of sheer interest I knew quite a few things about sharks, and I had some experience scuba diving with different sharks species. But during the theoretical sessions Yago and Clara (the founders of the project) taught us so much more there is to know about shark behavior, conservation, how to interact with them under water etc. The practical sessions where we did scuba diving and snorkeling with whale sharks, bull sharks and the elusive smooth hammerhead shark were all incredible. Apart from that Clara and Yago were there day and night for us to make sure we had a comfortable stay, we could basically ask anything (and yes there were endless questions about sharks, marine life and what not). We had great dinners, drinks, chats and beach patrols looking for sharks, and just some good fun all the way with a cool group of people who were very like-minded. Even more so friendships were made and we are in contact to this day. So if you’re interested in sharks and marine life in general, you want to do your part in shark conservation, work together with truly dedicated marine biologists, get field experience, like scuba diving and snorkeling with big marine animals, learn about shark behavior and different species, and just travel and enjoy the beautifull Baja Californa Sur take part in The Shark Odyssey!
— Jan Van Doren, 30

I will never forget it, it was top!
— Jan Verheyden, 61